The candidate will assist closely the product manager team while manages the new product product development process, from the product idea and proposal, through the definition of a business plan that include marketing and financial analysis on product portfolio and his market reputation,a value proposition, investment, requirements and feasibility, as starting point of a new product development programme, that include and involve industrial design, r&d, production, and supply chain up to market for the commercial launch, while ensuring the products are delivered on time and to budget.
The candidate will gain hands-on experience and exposure to the skills required to succeed in a strategic marketing environment.

Daily activities will be related to:
• interpreting a variety of commercial and consumer data sources to reccomend a strategic product roadmap
• defining the product specification
• analysing the markets/trends and understand the consumer requirements
• reviewing sales performance and forecast to ensure the product specification is valid.
• communicating/presenting new product project updates with justifications to the global marketing and commercial functions at NPD meetings, Commercial meetings and trade marketing training.
• creating product stories and brief agencies appropriately in order to communicate effectively the key consumer messages on packaging/POS/Digital media.


The ideal candidate will be of graduate calibre, ideally economics or engineering management.
You will have to be autonomous in delivering the activities, proactive, methodical and relational in the project assigned.

Passion for results: You know the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ and are able to work within dynamics that challenge teams, clients, and timelines to deliver excellent projects. You are self-motivated and proactive, you can follow direction with minimal supervision. You have a keen interest in business development, innovation, products and competitive markets.

Systems thinking: You love complex questions and problem solving to turn complexity in simple ways. You are comfortable working with people who bring many different skills to the table, and can align your talents with theirs. And you are just as comfortable working across any format.

Team skills:
You work best in a participatory, team-based environment, where collaboration inspire teams as well as direction, vision, and planning of all relevant aspects.

Communication skills: You have strong verbal, written, and visual presentation skills. You understand the value of a good communication within a business context.

You’ve mastered the tools:
You can easily support your daily work with a quality use of the main tools at your disposal.
You are proficiency in english and an other european language (Italian, German, French ecc)


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